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Date night club is a fun service that I offer for members to receive monthly date night ideas so that they can commit to regular, scheduled time with their partners. It is said, that the amount of “couple time” spent together is directly proportional to a couple’s probability to be happy and even their probability of divorce. What does that mean? It means that date night is important! Date Night Club takes the guesswork out of planning dates and realigns couple’s priorities onto one another. Various locations and venues around town, as well as ideas for home dates and other activities are used to bring the fun back to relationships. Unique and fun date nights include scavenger hunts, cooking classes, dance lessons, pottery making, in home team building and so much more. Date Night Club runs once a month, year round, and attending regular dates can earn you prizes, rewards and even free sessions. There is no need to be a counseling client to be a member of Date Night Club so contact me today to join.


Relationship improvement workshops focus on different topics each week, including communication, intimacy, finances, speaking the right language, parenting and blending families, enjoying one another again, trust building, and overcoming obstacles just to name a few.
This is an entertaining, hands-on, and educational workshop designed to bring you closer to your partner. Use it in conjunction with couples counseling or date nights or attend them just as a stand-alone relationship improvement workshop. This ongoing, 1.5 hour long, weekly workshop is designed so you can either choose to come to just the topics you are interested in or you can attend an entire session for all the topics. This is offered year-round, as often as there is interest to any and all married and unmarried couples of all religious affiliations.

Please email me if you are interested in attending and to discuss scheduling and pricing.


Retreats are a way for couple’s to immerse themselves in their relationship without outside distractions. Retreats are designed to be all-inclusive situations where meals, lodging, supplies and education are combined to provide a concentrated approach to relationship strengthening. Retreats combine the pleasures of vacations with the benefits of educational workshops. Time is spent together as a couple, along with other couples and with a therapist and guest speakers doing activities, team building, obtaining education, doing hands-on exercises and just becoming closer as a couple.

Please contact me if you are interested in a retreat, these are offered as interest justifies.


I am an experienced therapist and certified relationship specialist who is very passionate about helping couples to have more rewarding relationships. I enjoy teaching and would love to be a guest speaker at your event, workshop, church class, or couple’s educational gathering to help train people to have successful relationships. I am also glad to put together literature and team-building activities that can be of help to educate couples. I have written many relationship themed newspaper columns, as well as developed my own tools and homework handouts for couples and I have found that there are many ways to help couples reach their full potential. If you are interested in collaborating with me in some way that will benefit couples, please give me a call.

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