Insurance and Fees


I do not take insurance at this time. I am considered an “out of network provider” with health insurance companies. Since I no longer have contracts with any Insurance companies, you will be working with me as a self-pay client.

I feel that insurance companies limit what I can offer in my relationship counseling program, which is individualized and specialized. I have developed a comprehensive treatment program that provides various unique tools and requires both in office and other supports to help you be successful. Be advised, very few insurance plans cover “Relationship Therapy” because it is not considered an illness or a disorder. “Traditional” mental health treatment and “Family Therapy” is covered by insurance because it falls under pre-determined guidelines that they set. For treatment to be paid for, insurance requires one identified client to be diagnosed with a mental “disorder” and for the therapy to reflect treatment of that specific disorder. I am reluctant to identify one client as the patient or to label and diagnose while doing couples therapy. Relationship therapy does not easily fall under the diagnose-able disorders found in the DSM 5. I don’t believe that relationship issues are pathology, and I do not treat issues within relationships as disorders.

Also, keep in mind that insurance companies require disclosure of highly personal information. The confidentially and privacy of this information cannot be guaranteed if insurance is paying for your treatment. Not billing insurance means that I can keep our work together “private”. Insurance companies can also often restrict the number of sessions that they will authorize, even if you and I feel that you still need help, which can be restrictive to your work in counseling.

A huge part of what you are getting by working with me is the understanding that I will be at the top of my game with you in mind, which requires an investment of time, energy and money on your part. You will have more individualized treatment and more access to me through emailing, calling, texting and other out of session support and extras that are restricted through insurance. You can be confident that I am working hard on your behalf in between our sessions, as a priority status. I don’t accept just anyone into this program because it is intense and requires a lot of focus on both our parts, therefore I will only accept clients that I feel will work as hard as I will and that I believe can be successful with me.


Please email me so we can schedule a consultation session or plan a conversation to discuss my current fees. I accept payment in the form of cash, check, credit card as well as Zelle and Venmo. I typically keep a credit card on file to charge my clients for my services, and I also offer discounts for those who would like to pre-pay for a package of sessions.

Although I may not accept your insurance, I am happy to provide you with a superbill, which can be used to submit requests for reimbursement for services you pay out of pocket for. I only provide superbills upon request, and my clients need to seek reimbursement themselves. I heavily encourage you to verify that you have out of network benefits with your insurance company before beginning services if you think you may want to seek reimbursement. Some clients will receive a portion of counseling fees reimbursed to them from their insurance companies for out of network services. Some clients will not receive any reimbursement and I cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses. Being reimbursed my full fee is rare but it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to learn what their “out of network providers” reimbursement rates are.

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